Cullinan Richards


The Doubles Collection was started in 1998, when Charlotte Cullinan and Jeanine Richards began working together as artlab. It is a collection that began really by accident, and has snowballed over the years into what you can see today. The Doubles Collection is the kind of piece that almost makes itself. After the initial premise has been established everything must be doubled and either given by an artist or collected in connection with an art exhibition. It has developed without much conscious thought, apart for the knotty issues of display. In 'The movement began with a scandal' it is shown in a linking glass corridor between two Galleries at the Lenbachhaus Museum. The Doubles Collection is meandering, personal and individually valueless, usually the direct opposite to a museum collection. There is also no attempt to explain or order the pieces that make up Doubles. This is a deliberate strategy to foreground the whole over the parts. This idea of the whole being bigger that its individual parts is reflected in a general strategy in all of Cullinan and Richards work where they believe artists are much stronger together than apart, and have always endeavoured to create and support a strong sibling culture among the artists surrounding them.

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