Cullinan Richards

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The solar powered beer fountains are cone shaped like women’s breasts or maybe like upright targets. They are painted in thin dark brown stripes – the signature stripes that evade many of our works. They are made out of Alabaster or white polished stone and hand painted with a durable outdoor enamel\paint. The two ‘cones’ sit in two dishes held up by thin stone plinths in 4 places around the base the cones. The ‘holding’ dishes are sunk into the ground and contain the pumps and act as the beer ‘tanks’. These dishes must sit on concrete foundations and are sloped on the inside so that the beer can trickle down and back up through the hollow cone shapes that act as fountains. The pumps are solar powered by a nearby solar panel, which will be attached by cable. The rate of beer flow is determined by the pump switch and in turn by the sun.

The fountains are easy to maintain. The cone shape tops can be removed once a year so that the dishes can be cleaned and the solar panel detached and put away for the winter. Otherwise they are durable outside sculptures.


2 x  cone shaped convex\hollow

           150cm wide 60cm height


2  x   holding dish sunk into the ground

        180cm wide 60cm deep


2 x  water pumps


1  x    solar panel



Proposal for the Garden

Daniel Spoerri Foundation


Solar Powered Beer Fountains

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